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Milan Garments, established in July 1989, is a manufacturing, trading and export company run by a woman entrepreneur. It has huge capacity in the production of ready made garments and head wears. This company has specialized in Crazy and Fency Hats which are well-accepted in European markets. We currently exporting to Switzerland, Germany, UK, Japan, Israel, France & South Africa. During the World Cup 98, we supplied huge quantity Crazy Hats in France. The company has enough capacity produce and assure prompt delivery on time.  

We are also associate member of Nepal Foreign Trade Association, Nepal Handicraft Association and Women Entrepreneur's Association of Nepal (WEAN). Our MD of Milan Garments the Vice-Chairperson of WEAN Cooperative ( A Women Producer's Marketing Co-Operative)


  • MG's Director started hats export to Switzerland in 1992 (
  • MG had produced felt since 2000.
  • Leading a women’s cooperative that applies all fair trade norms and hence has applied for an international certification to do fair trade.
  • Her workers get paid the minimum government salary and do no rely not on wage, only homeworkers are paid per piece.
  • The scope of felt products: bags, scarves slippers, animals, purses, welt felted, stitch bags, shopping bags, Christmas items, key rings.


"What we women should do is build our own identity and also contribute something constructive to our society - this fulfills the purpose of life in some way."

Ms. Sharada Rijal,
Managing Director
Milan Garments

The MD Ms. Sharada Rijal, began her venture with three sewing machines, manufacturing children's wear and supplying them to wholesale agents. Two years later, she was introduced to a European garment buyer who was visiting Kathmandu then, this gentlemen, who later on asked her to produced some samples of hats based on his needs, apparently introduced a market in the international arena. Since then, Milan Garments has been producing hats of different varieties and for different occasions - hats that blend design with moods, expressions, and attitudes.


To be one of the top leading producer in handicraft and emphasize country export rate in an international market.


Our mission is to produce high quality products according to latest market trend and uplift the women empowerment so that they can become independent and also support their families.

Our Principles

  • We strongly discourage child labor in our organization.
  • We also support and protect proclaimed human rights.
  • We give equal opportunities to every woman.
  • We are also concern with precautionary approaches to save our environment.
  • We are aware of health and safety measures for our employees. 

Company Philosophy

Mere money and profit do not constitute an entrepreneur, it is just beyond that. What is important is social contribution. The whole and sole philosophy of this company is to contribute to society. For this, this company strives giving impetus to the concept of women entrepreneurship and empowerment, establishing orphanage and old-age home.

Goals & Objectives

The main goal of this company is to bring women in the mainstream of business and economy by way of generating income and creating employment opportunities. Maintaining quality and prompt delivery on the other hand are also mainly focused goals of this company. In this manner, the further goal of this company is to become a reputed and best-selling company of Nepal with respect to its product-lines, and become socially responsible too.

  • To emphasize cost effectiveness and quality for greatest customer satisfaction.
  • To build flexibility in terms of changes in customers’ attitudes, demands and other environmental influences.
  • To provide employment opportunities to the underprivileged section of society, particularly women.
  • To utilize locally available resources and manpower in the production and operations process.

Milan Garments currently employs 30 women who make felt, sewing, stitching and administration.

They all work no more than 8 hours a day from 9 to 5 with a lunch break for 6 days a week. The work week in Nepal starts from Sunday to Friday due to a huge amount of public holidays of which the workers of Milan Garments have 15 plus additional 12 days of paid vacation. On top of that Milan Garments provides sick leave and leave for family reasons.

The company provides an additional remuneration to the monthly salary that is similar to the 13th salary in European countries and is paid prior to the big holiday season in October to facilitate the preparations of families for the prayers, feasts and presents. 

Since 1989, We exports the hand made products to the world.

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About Us

As a social entrepreneur Sharada has made an impact in the country and continues with her efforts besides running her own company which counts as a role model for women in Nepal read more ...

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